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Risk-Free Guarantee

With our Risk-Free Guarantee, you can try out different mask styles and return the ones you decide not to keep for free (within 30 days)

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For support, feel free to call or email us at info@reacthealth.com.

Adjustable Headgear


Has a plastic body with a silicone seal and is held in place with an adjustable, comfortable headgear.

Auto Fit

The supporting frame automatically adapts to any forehead. All cushions share the same frame. The mask is also available in an all-size kit.


Excellent sealing in any position.

Pad Free

Minimal contact with forehead for increased comfort.

Replacement Parts

  • Vi3001 (S) Replacement Cushion
  • Vi3002 (M) Replacement Cushion
  • Vi3003 (L) Replacement Cushion
  • Vi2001 Replacement Headgear

Main Frame Assembly

Viva Brochure

Download PDF 1.47 MB

Mask Fitting Guide

Download PDF 922.93 KB